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Finding Quality Family Time!

Posted 9/27/2017 by Ashley Repko

If your nightly refrain is how tired you and the kids are, perhaps your family is struggling with how to balance work, school, and everyone’s individual activities. Here are some quick tips for juggling the various schedules and spend some quality time together as a family!

Let’s talk Incident Reports…

Posted 9/8/2017 by Ashley Repko

Where there are children, there will obviously be accidents and behavioral problems. Even under the most attentive care, injuries and misbehavior can and DO occur.
While childcare professionals must make every possible effort to limit the risk of personal injury to the children under their care, some situations may not always be avoidable. When accidents, injuries and problematic behavior do occur, however; caregivers should document such situations thoroughly. This is why KidReports has developed a paperless incident report that is retrievable at any time! No more dealing with lost paper incident reports and hours of filing.
Check out OUR version of an incident report below!



Looking for enterprise solutions?! Look no further…

Posted 9/5/2017 by Ashley Repko 


If you have more than a few schools, KidReports is the ideal solution for you!
Whether you have 5 centers or 50 centers, managing multiple schools can be a real headache! 


Click here to see how KidReports can help!!


Struggling with work-life balance?!

Posted 9/1/2017 by Ashley Repko 

KidReports & Procare Partnership!

Posted 8/24/2017 by Ashley Repko 

Procare Software, a global leader in child care management solutions, and KidReports, a leading provider of real time reporting technology and services to child care providers, announced the two companies have formed a strategic partnership that will offer a “one-stop” solution designed to meet the complete management and parent communication needs of child care businesses and organizations. In addition to the signature KidReports product, a new proprietary version of KidReports will be offered exclusively to Procare customers.

The world’s largest provider of child care management software, services and hardware, Procare offers desktop and cloud hosted solutions that allow for automated collection of tuition, fees and other payments, as well as modules to track student attendance, immunizations, menus and meals, and parent and emergency contact and other information. Procare serves more than 35,000 child care providers in a variety of facilities from single-unit operations to multinational enterprises. KidReports’ software as a service (SaaS) web-based reporting system allows providers to create a secure personal online profile of each child to track their activities and communicate with parents. Providers can share photos, videos and other information, and profiles can be updated hourly or daily, allowing parents to stay connected with their children throughout the day. KidReports’ software automates a number of providers’ administrative tasks, replacing paper daily reports, providing online and secure data storage, and aiding with license compliance.

“Parents are increasingly seeking frequent and informative communication to track their children’s learning and progress while under a provider’s care,” said Leif Ullman, CEO and Co-Founder, KidReports. “We are confident Procare and KidReports’ combined child care management software and services offering will allow providers to easily meet this need while modernizing their operations, growing enrollment, and saving time, money and resources. We look forward to a close collaboration with Procare.”