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Grow Your Business With KidReports!

Here at KidReports, we recognize that building valuable relationships with our partners is key to our success. That is why we have come up with a multi-tiered Partner Program for KidReports. This program will allow us to work with a variety of partners, each with different needs and capabilities.

We would love to work with you as a part of our partner program, so please Email Us if you would like to learn more about becoming a partner!

Partner Tiers

Platinum (Strategic) Partner

Our most valued partners fall into this category. To qualify to be a Platinum partner, you will need to work with our team to integrate our software with your offering. You will also have the option to handle billing for the integrated offering, and will receive the highest fee structure available.

Gold (Reseller) Partner

Partners who simply wish to resell KidReports as another offering in their product line will fall into this category. Once the sale occurs, KidReports will take over servicing of the customer.

Silver (Referral) Partner

Referral partners fall into the category of providing a warm lead or referral to an interested party, but then handing the sales efforts off to the KidReports team at that point.

Bronze (Affiliate) Partner

Our Affiliate program is the easiest way to become a KidReports Partner. Simply sign up for the affiliate program on our website, receive your affiliate link via email, and share the link wherever you like (social media, blogs, etc.). Any leads and conversions that resulted from clicking your link will result in revenue for you!